LinkedIn, The Secret Link to Your Future Career

“This is an opprotunity you guys cannot pass up, everybody is on LinkedIn and if you don’t follow suit, you will get lost in the shuffle”. This opening line definitely caught my attention, the instructor made it clear right off the bat that LinkedIn is much more than another social media website. It is the key to life after college, and it is vital to the post grad job hunt. I was all ears after this intense introduction.

linkedin-android-walksPro’s to LinkedIn


On Monday November 24th, I attended a UCC skill building workshop  called “How to effectively utilize LinkedIn”. This workshop was held in Garey Hall and it was extremely informative. This information session was an introduction to LinkedIn, and it provided me with a lot of information on what LinkedIn is, how to create an account, and how to effectively use it. The instructor described LinkedIn as “The Facebook for Business”, and she emphasized the importance of a strong LinkedIn profile. Some of the stats that were provided  to me were very eye opening, I learned that  over 250 million professionals use LinkedIn, and that over 90 thousand Villanovans currently use LinkedIn.  This is important because Villanova has a very strong Alumni presence, who are always willing to help Nova grads get jobs. These Villanova connections lead to internships, jobs, and long lasting relationships because …





The presentation stressed the importance of a professional, and thorough LinkedIn account because 75% of recruiters are now using LinkedIn to find and hire new employees. Three tips we were given during the presentation were to have a profile picture (head shot in business casual clothes), a key-word rich summary that shows how your college experiences has prepared you for your dream job, and a list of groups that can connect you to the Business world, such as the Villanova Alumni group on LinkedIn. A tip I was given to me was to ask my friends and family the first words they thought of when they heard my name, and to use these words in my portfolio. Words such as leader, and innovative are very popular in the business world today, recruiters look for people with these qualities.



Hottest LinkedIn Strategies

One thing that peaked my interest was the idea of creating a personal brand on LinkedIn. A personal brand is the way you market yourself on your LinkedIn account. She urged us to make our profile so outstanding that recruiters would NEED to hire you after they saw your profile. The instructor described it as , “you want your recruiters to see that you have the it factor.” Some people just have that charisma that when you see them or hear their name you automatically think success. When I think of personal brand, Jay Wright immediately comes to mind. He has the it factor, he carries himself with such confidence and moxy. When he is in a room everybody listens, and he definitely looks the part of someone worth listening too.



I urge all my fellow Villanova students to attend one of these LinkedIn info sessions. The information is invaluable, and will lead to success in the future. A strong LinkedIn account can make or break you, and I firmly believe that all Villanova students should have a LinkedIn account by the end of their freshman year.



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